• Risk Management

    Helping you to identify and manage risk

Risk Management Approach

Assets are at risk all the time and problem areas vary from the physical, such as fire or accident, to hidden risks like fraud and hacking.

Events such as these, can be very costly to businesses and often put undue stress on the business and its people.

Adapted to suit your individual business needs, our risk management service will help you dramatically reduce your exposure. As always, GS Group provides peace of mind that your business is protected.


“We wish to thank Iain Martin (GS Group), DPS Group’s Risk Management Consultant for his hard work on this success and we congratulate him for his assistance in achieving this milestone and continuing the positive safety culture within the DPS Group.”

Colin Burnett, Director of DPS Group on achieving the British Safety Council International Safety Award with Merit for 2013/14

Risk Management Services

No business is exempt from risk but some industries are more prone to certain threats than others.

Our risk management team is well versed in identifying threats specific to different industry sectors and tailoring our services accordingly to meet our clients’ individual requirements.

Our range of services are designed to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and include:

  • An initial review of your existing risk management arrangements
  • Provision of a Business Continuity Plan
  • Bespoke assistance with Health & Safety compliance
  • We specifically tailor our approach to meet the needs of the client rather than provide a “one size fits all” solution
  • Our trained consultants will adapt their approach depending on the level of service the customer wants

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