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Why have a Claims App?

The Reason

  • In the UK there are over 180,000 road related injuries per year.
  • 53% of commercial motor claims are reported by the third party, not the insured.
  • The average length of time it takes for a commercial motor claim to be reported is 23 days.
  • When an accident occurs people forget what they need to do.
  • Car Hire charges can be mysteriously doubled and tripled when insurance is paying for it!
  • Basic information isn’t gathered or it’s later found to be incorrect.
  • Huge amounts of management time and business disruption occur when accidents happen.

The Solution

  • An App on your phone that helps you through an incident.
  • Preload information on an App so the basics are captured.
  • Systematically capture information using GPS, text and camera.
  • As much information as possible is captured quickly and easily.
  • Android or iPhone means 95% of Smart phone users can use this system.
  • Combining this info with telematics or Dash-Cam technology can provide powerful evidence.

The Benefits

  • More information for the insurers to defend the claim.
  • Management time focussed on finding a solution to logistical issues not on filling in historical claims gaps.
  • Briefing drivers using this App could raise risk awareness in itself and impact of claims costs on overall business costs.
  • Faster response cuts out 3rd party costs eg reducing Car Hire charges.
  • It speeds process, reduces costs, ultimately reducing premiums.
  • Communicating to an insurer that a client is using this App, will in itself present the risk in a move favourable light.

Downloading the App – GS Group Clients

GS Group is now using the GS Group Claims App and is available to GS Group clients as part of our drive to improve service and deliver results.

We’ve had some great feedback from clients and insurance companies.


1.  Have your GS Group Client reference number to hand – it’s 7 or 8 digits and sometimes referred to as an Acturis Reference Number.

2.  Click on the link below for either iPhone or Android.

3.  Search for ” GS Group Claims App” in either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

4. You’ll be asked to add your policy. Select the type of policy and put in the required details.

5. You are now ready to use the app.

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