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Everything you need to know about Property in Confirmation Insurance

Managing a Property in Confirmation in Scotland can be a legal and insurance minefield. Obligations arise to protect all parties.

GS Group has joined forces with leading national insurer NIG to provide a fast and easy-to-use, one-stop solution for Scottish legal professionals who would otherwise run the risk of properties being exposed to insurance problems and resulting financial loss.

The new GS Group Estate in Confirmation Insurance ensures properties are protected and covered quickly, giving solicitors, executors and loved ones peace of mind and comfort that a property is secure.

What is Estate in Confirmation Insurance?

Known as probate in England and Wales, unoccupied home or empty property insurance in Scotland covers a property that is not protected by standard insurance For instance when a home is left vacant following the death of an occupier.

This new policy by GS Group covers the interim period when a deceased person’s property becomes empty – until it is assigned to a beneficiary once the person’s Estate has been settled. This is called ‘Property in Confirmation’ in Scotland.

Previously, Property in Confirmation could be time-consuming from a legal and insurance point of view. The new Estate in Confirmation insurance policy from GS Group presents a simple insurance solution for properties in Scotland that can be activated within 24 hours in most cases.

What does it protect against?

The policy provides protection against certain costly and complex issues that can arise while a property is sitting empty. With cover in place, both solicitors and executors can be assured that the property is secure in case of an unexpected event.

How does it work?

GS Group can begin an Estate in Confirmation Insurance enquiry as soon as a simple eight-question form has been completed online and submitted to its specialist insurance team.

The Estate in Confirmation Insurance policy normally lasts for up to 6 months (usually 3-6 months) but the new scheme by GS Group allows for cover up to a maximum of 12 months so that more complex cases can be insured.

Why GS Group?

GS Group is one of the leading insurance brokers in Scotland. GS Group Estate in Confirmation insurance, underwritten by NIG, provides one-stop insurance for properties in Scotland.

For advice on protecting a Property in Confirmation, contact Gordon Taylor.

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