Zurich Advice Matters: Tomorrow’s Client

Our Dundee based Financial Consultant, Mike Baxter, was recently featured in the May issue of Advice Matters, the magazine from Zurich where he and various other advisers spoke about what they’re doing to attract the next generation of clients:

Mike deems it ‘extremely important’ to understand the needs of millennials – ‘the future of our business’.

A millennial himself (just), he says: ‘We are a generation of time savers who want everything at our fingertips and want it yesterday. We’ve grown up in a period where technology has moved faster than at any point in history. We’ve become used to it and in many ways depend on it.’

Perth-based GS Group is developing ways to better cater for the needs of younger generations. It is developing an online investment proposition that will enable it to better serve this market.

‘Our research suggests that millennials are accumulating wealth and looking for a low cost, easy online access or app-type proposition that they can control with our help. We hope to have a cost effective solution for both the client and business within the coming months.’

The firm is also moving to a low paper environment and uses Mail Chimp to communicate with clients.

‘Millennials want bite-sized information that they can digest easily through videos or text. They also want the information when it is topical or needed,’ says Mike.

‘Mail Chimp helps us manage a subscriber list and enables sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We find that clients are willing to share our posts if they think they will help their connections. Mail Chimp also provides us with analytics to see who opens emails, who shares. It really is a great piece of kit!’

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