A New App for Insurance Claim Recording and Reporting

GS Group were recently featured in FACTS Magazine to discuss the exciting launch of our new Motor Claims App:

For all sorts of different reasons, it turns out that it can often take a long time for commercial insurance claims to be reported, never mind resolved. FACTS got talking about this to Stephen Marshall, Group Business Development Manager at GS Group, a specialist commercial and transport insurance brokerage which is one of the leading exponents of new ideas and new technologies in the insurance broking business.

“The thing about GS Group is that we always tend to do things differently from anyone else in the market, because we were originally set up, 25 years ago now, with a completely different mind-set and business attitude. George Stubbs, the founder and our Group Managing Director, has always taken the position that we shouldn’t do business one way simply because that’s the way it has always been done. Instead we should look at the problems that customers face in managing their insurance requirements, and structure the company and our operations in order to be able to solve those problems and to meet those requirements.

“GS Group constantly look to manage claims as quickly and as effectively as possible, while also always seeking to work with customers to find ways to reduce the number and value of claims they make in order to manage their premiums down rather than up.

“That’s why we have such a strong in-house claims management team, that’s why we have our own loss-adjuster capability, and also why everyone in the company is totally focused on customer service. For us, ‘Going the extra mile’ is not simply another tick in the marketing spiel box – it is built into the DNA of GS Group, and is the main reason why the company has been so successful; doubling in size every five years and now working with thousands of customers from all over the UK.

“They come to us and they stay with us, because we can constantly prove to them that we are on their side and will do whatever it takes to optimise their insurance coverage and help them to keep premiums under tight control. And we are also a technology led company, always looking at how we can harness new systems and new ideas to solve old problems. That is where our new Incident Claims App comes from.  We listened to a customer and the problems they were facing and an idea was born.”

Stephen was kind enough to step us through the App and the ideas behind it.

To continue reading and discover more about our brand new Motor Claims App, click through to Page 6 & 7 in FACTS Magazine here.

If you’d like to find out more about the features and benefits of the App on our website, click here.

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