Congratulations to our client, Lazy Day Foods Ltd

A massive congratulations to one of our clients, Lazy Day Foods Ltd, who won the Food & Drink Company of the Year award at the Made in Scotland Award ceremony on 10th June 2021. It’s a very well deserved victory for Sally, Emer and all the team at LDF who specialize in baking free-from products. These are available directly from their website and also via a variety of supermarkets, just check the free-from shelves and you’ll find a number of very tasty treats, specially made for those with food allergies. From personal experience I can tell you, you won’t be sorry, and I don’t have any allergies.



Lazy Day Foods is run by Dr Sally Beattie and Emer Bustard. They are professional food scientists, with a personal interest in food intolerances. Sally and Emer have been running Lazy Day Foods since 2006 from their own dedicated, award winning, free-from bakery in Scotland. They are passionate about making high quality treats for everyone to enjoy.

Sally and Emer know first hand the difficulties and complications that restricted diets bring to busy family life. Sally is a Dunblane mum with a number of food intolerances, including ones to dairy and gluten. Other members of her family also have food intolerances. Emer is a coeliac and has a young daughter with a food allergy.

Sally and Emer believe that everyone should be able to indulge in good quality treats from time to time. Using their experience as professional Food Scientists, they created a range of recipes for high quality allergy friendly foods that are so good that anyone would want to eat them.

The Lazy Day team hand bake all of their cakes, biscuits and tray bakes from their dedicated free-from bakery. The bakery is totally gluten free, dairy free, and egg free, and there are no nuts on site either.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used to produce Lazy Day treats. For instance Lazy Days only use real Belgian chocolate in all of their chocolate range.

The mission of Lazy Day Foods is to bring a little relaxation and happiness into the busy lives of people with food intolerances or those on restricted diets such as vegans.  Now with the help of Lazy Day Foods, everyone will be able to have their cake and eat it!



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