• How to

    Make a Claim

Personal or Business Insurance

If you need to make a Claim for General Insurance then please check your insurance documents for your designated claims contact, otherwise contact our Claims team below:

Contact Catherine Wotherspoon, Group Claims Manager

Telephone: 0141 611 9746
or Email: catherine.wotherspoon@gs-group.uk.com


Contact Nick Ward, Claims Manager

Telephone: 01738 492 104

or Email: nick.ward@gs-group.uk.com


24/7 Motor Claims Assistance Line

Telephone: 03330 151 611

Our designated claims line is available for GS Group clients when they need it.

Out of Office hours:

If out of office hours and you need to talk to an insurance company then please check your insurance documentation, you’ll find emergency numbers contained within.


General Claims Advice

A lot of claims advice is common sense but in an emergency situation sometimes people forget the fundamentals. So, if an incident occurs, go through this simple checklist:

  • Stay calm and stay safe
  • Is anyone injured? If so, get them appropriate help immediately – First Aid or Emergency Services
  • Other Emergency Services required?  Is the situation under control?
  • Do everything you safely can to minimise the loss – however, don’t risk injury to save property
  • Don’t admit liability, deal with the situation but avoid the blame game in the heat of the moment

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